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Make Good

When it’s time to relocate your business, one of the most stressful aspects of the move is returning the leased space to its pre fit-out condition. At SMLXL, our specialists can help you with office strip-out, office de-fit, and make-good construction.

We know that relocation is difficult so we handle the details of the de-fit or strip-out. Sydney is our headquarters location, and we have teams across Australia in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

A strip-out or de-fit demands a highly skilled team. You adapted your workspace to serve your business needs, but now the lease is ending and you want the handover to go smoothly and on time. Our project managers, construction managers, and specialists have the expertise for strip-out and de-fit projects, such as:

  • Partition removal
  • Light fixture removal
  • Floor covering removal
  • Amenities removal
  • False ceiling removal
  • Waste disposal

Once the strip-out or office de-fit is complete, our team will work with strict attention to your deadlines and budget to complete the make-good construction. Whether it’s painting or cleaning, we know that attention to detail is essential. You can have peace of mind and focus on relocating and running your business, while we provide services to fulfil the make-good clause in your lease, including:

  • Patching and painting
  • Carpet installation
  • Floor refinishing
  • Returning sprinklers, security lighting and other systems to pre-lease condition
  • Furniture arrangement

At SMLXL, we value our diverse group of employees and encourage collaboration and communication at every step of a project. Our hands-on project managers ensure that your make-good project will be completed to the highest standards by the deadline in the lease. Our team understands that trust is important when you are fulfilling a lease, so we work hard to earn your trust.

Feel free to contact SMLXL at +61 2 9698 3377 and ask us about our make-good services.