Our people,
your partners.

Construction is all about partnerships. So our strong focus on people and relationships and effectively driving the processes we have developed to run our business, continues to build our position as a leader in our industry.

A privately-owned company with a flat management structure, SMLXL business owners and directors are readily accessible and take a ‘hands-on’ approach with our projects, ensuring we continually meet our clients’ needs.

Our involvement also provides certainty of a quick resolution to issues and the ability for immediate decisions to be made for the benefit of the project.

Commitment to our people is further evidenced by the work we have done in instituting a Leadership Program across the business. It identifies our future leaders and provides tailored development to maximise their contribution to the company, but more importantly, to provide personal growth and career opportunities for the individuals involved.

A commitment to learning ensures that we are open to the best ideas and willing to adopt them.


Our Leadership Team

SMLXL are led by our dynamic and highly skilled management team who believe that success in construction is anchored by one thing: People. It is this focus on people and culture that enables the SMLXL team to exceed expectations on each and every project.